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Professor Stephen Elledge
Richard Marais​

Director, CRUK Manchester Institute, Manchester, UK

Richard Marais is Director of the CRUK Manchester Institute and Professor of Molecular Biology at The University of Manchester, UK. His studies on BRAF and cell signaling have significantly advanced our understanding of melanoma biology and aetiology. He has translated his basic research discoveries into clinical implementation, improving patient outcomes, elucidating mechanisms of drug resistance and developing new drugs against BRAF and other cancer targets. His research informs innovative clinical trial designs with signal seeking biomarkers to monitor therapy responses and optimize patient treatment. His research also highlights the importance of combining sunscreen with other sun avoidance strategies to reduce population melanoma risk. With colleagues, he received the 2012 AACR Team Science Award for cancer drug discoveries.  He received 2017 Translational and Clinical Research Award from The ARC Foundation Léopold Griffuel Awards and the 2017 Outstanding Research Award from The Society of Melanoma Research. In 2018 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Professor Marais continues to study the basic biology of melanoma and other cancers in order to deliver better treatment strategies for patients and he is dedicated to providing exceptional training for the next generation of multi-disciplinary cancer researchers.

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